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#WordlessWednesday: Cold Water Washing

Wordless Wednesday: The Cold Water Washing

Christa Clips discovered that her cold setting on the washing machine was using hot water!

We wash almost exclusively with cold water.
When we installed our new washing machine (and dryer *cough*sputter … more on that later!), I thought we’d crossed the hot/cold water hoses because my cold water washes had a LOT of hot water filling the drum.

It turns out that I need to push the temp button one more time until no light shows to reach the “tap cold” setting.

I’m sad that this more eco-friendly and budget saving setting was undeserving of its own little light. I think I’ll attach a little sticker to cheer myself up!

The Little Coupon that Could! (How Couponing Has Changed My Saving Philosophy)

The Little Coupon that Could!

Christa Clips: Save-at-Home-Mom shares how small savings like this have helped shape her savings philosophy and justify leaving her career as a teacher to save her family money.

This little $1 OFF coupon would only make a small dent against the full price of $10.99 for 24 rolls of toilet paper. I totally “get” why the naysayers believe “it’s not worth my time to clip coupons!” and certainly would never expect anyone to buy into the notion that couponing allows people to quit their jobs.
Yet…that’s exactly what I did!

Added to a sale price and another $1 cash back rebate from Snap Saves, this little $1 OFF coupon (from GoCoupons) ended up contributing to 88% savings. And while I certainly don’t save that much on every item on my grocery list, it’s rare for me to pay more than 50% for most items.

Having the time to watch for sales, clip coupons, and stay on top of the latest apps and saving programs is one of the perks of being a Save-at-Home-Mom! I’m working hard to find ways to cut our spending in all areas of our family budget, and let’s face it. This is one grocery staple that I’m not willing to cut!

Learning to coupon has played a big role in helping me shape my philosophy about saving & spending.

Couponing on it’s own does not provide enough weekly savings for me to justify leaving my career as a teacher trainer in order to save money. But learning to coupon over the past 3 years has played a big role in helping shape my saving/spending philosophy. In a nutshell, I find myself thinking “I just spent a few minutes trying to save $2 on that item, I’m going to be careful not to waste it on something else.”

This frame of mind has helped me embrace some good ole fashioned frugality that I’d lost somewhere along the way:

  • do not waste.  Hydro, water, food.
  • new-to-me is just fine.  Hand-me-downs, consignment, garage sales, community buy & sell groups are a great way to save AND earn.
  • wait for a sale. Appliances, vehicles, insurance, phone/tv services, clothing, entertainment, groceries. It all goes on sale, has a coupon, or comes with a perk at some point. Spending a bit of extra time and effort can result in big savings.

And so my new job includes finding ways for our family to save money so that I can be home with our children. Bit by bit, it all adds up, and so far, our weekly savings and work-from-home income are greater than what I’d be making if I was to return to a job outside of the home (saving over $40/day on daycare is a good start).

Can I continue to find ways to save as the cost of living increases and our children grow into more expensive activities, appetites, & apparel?

I know i can. I know i can!

How to Price Match with Flyer Apps!

How to Price Match with Flyer Apps!

My latest post over on Common Cents Mom blog is about how I use apps on my phone and iPad to price-match at the grocery store. If an item is on sale somewhere, I make sure that I pay that sale price and I don’t have to lug around my paper flyers anymore!