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First Post – Christa Clips!

When I first started tweeting, I often felt like I was yodeling off a mountain side with hopes that 1 of my 4 followers might hear me!  Starting a blog site feels even more daunting;  kind of like reciting a (painstakingly memorized) Shakespearean soliloquy to an empty theatre.

Why the effort?  Because I know I have stuff to say that’s worth sayin’ and worth the effort of sayin’ it myself, in my style.  I’ve been blogging at for several months now and will continue this blog as a parallel adventure.

So stay tuned for my articles to start rolling out … they’ll be about savvy shopping, clever couponing, and  – get this – cooking & housekeeping tips from someone who a) can’t cook and b) is a total clutterbug!

Welcome aboard … I can’t wait to see where ChristaClips takes us, together!


September 22, 2012