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October Coupon Tally – I’ve Cleared $100!

imageI’ve already used more than $100 worth of coupons this month and there are still 3 weeks to go! The savings highlight of the weekend was certainly my trip to Shoppers Drug Mart for their 18,500 Bonus Optimum Points Event.  Sending the kids and hubs to the cinema with this Entertainment Book coupon takes the silver medal, though!  You can read all about my SDM trip, tips for earning more Optimum points, and more importantly my tricks for stretching their value TWICE as far in my post on Canadian Coupons.

Here’s my coupon count so far this month:

Day 1 – 12 coupons used for $13.96 in savings (see post)

Day 2 – 13 coupons used for $62.85 in savings (see post)

Day 3 – nadda!

Day 4 – 1 coupon used for $1 in savings (see post)

Day 5 – 6 coupons used for $7 in savings (see post)

Day 6 – 7 coupons used for $14.99 in savings

Day 7 – 1 coupon used for $6 in savings

Day 8 – Happy Thanksgiving – no shopping for me today!

Month to date:  $105.80 saved by using coupons

If you’d like to see full details about the coupons I used this weekend including where they came from and where I redeemed them, check out my Coupon Tally .pdf spreadsheet (afterall, we all know how much couponers love their spreadsheets!).

Imagine a yearly average of  $3,000 in coupon savings?

Clearly I need to re-guesstimate my prediction for this month’s savings (it’s the first time I’ve ever kept tally) – I’m going to set my sights on the $250 mark.  Imagine a yearly average of  $3,000 in coupon savings?  Clipping certainly plays a big role in our  family’s Save-At-Home-Mom strategy.