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October Coupon Tally: Wins 2.5 Losses 1

imageThese Glad bags were on my list, hence the reason I’d printed out the coupon (I rarely print a coupon until I’m ready to use it – there’s nothing worse than tearing up expired coupons that used increasingly costly printer ink).  So I was thrilled to see that the box was specially marked with coupons inside.  For a fleeting moment, I thought maybe there’d be a $3, $4, or even $5 coupon inside, but alas the $5 in savings are spread across 3 coupons:

  • $2 OFF selected sizes of  Glad Indoor or Outdoor Bags
  • $2 OFF selected sizes of Glad Compostable, Recycling or Clear Bags
  • $1 OFF any Glad Food Storage Product including Cling Wrap  (I’ll absolutely use this one before it expires in October of 2014!)

So I’m chaulking this purchase up as “half” a win – the let down of NOT finding a higher value coupon inside soured the savings!

Here’s how my monthly coupon usage and savings are shaping up so far:

Day 1 – 12 coupons used for $13.96 in savings

Day 2 – 13 coupons used for $62.85 in savings

Day 3 – nadda!

Day 4 – 1 coupon used for $1 in savings

Day 5 – 6 coupons used for $7 in savings

Month to date:  $84.81 saved by using coupons

You can read full scoop (and a few ramblings!) in my  October Coupon Tally.pdf file.  Drop a line if you’re looking for any of these coupons and I’ll try to help!

Happy Couponing,

Christa Clips ~ October 4, 2012