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Time for a new(ish) Towel Rack!

Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest!

Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest!

We’re nearing the 9 month mark of our dryerless home (it’s broken and we’ve opted not to fix it).  Air drying the laundry is working out great but we really need to come up with a better day-to-day solution for our bath towels.  Now that the children (5&7) are no longer using the thin, baby bath towels which dried quickly, it’s becoming clear that we simply don’t have enough space to hang our daily towels out to dry in the bathroom.   Hooks on the back of bedroom doors don’t have enough air circulation in our house, and so many of the towel racks on the market require us to fold the towels to hang them.  Again, not enough circulation to air dry = smelly towels = need to wash sooner = Christa has a drying rack as a semi-permanent fixture in the living room with freshly laundered towels to fold.  Not good!

I’ve wasted away … err meticulously researched various towel racks on line tonight and re-purposing an old crib for a towel rack is my favourite DIY idea so far.  I’ve put out my ad on the local FREEcycle facebook group for a broken/unwanted crib and will also keep my eyes peeled at consignment and thrift shops in the next week or so.  I figure one side of a crib, mounted on an angle like a towel ladder should do the trick nicely in the washroom.  Stay tuned!

Diary of a Dryerless Dame: Day 3


Today I got the rest of our winter gear all washed during mid-peak hydro hours. It air-dried outside lickety split quick in the sun and is all packed away in bins (coats, scarves, hats and mitts) or donation bags (kids boots and snowpants that will won’t fit next fall) and there are no drying racks in the living room. Bliss! Tomorrow is whites and ironing. I’m rocking this whole 5 Day Dryer-free Challenge!