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#jeudi confession: I won’t miss hanging socks!


These IKEA hangers are what we’ve been using for the past year to air dry our socks & undies! Placed over an air vent, they dry within 12 hours. Outside, usually an hour or two does the trick!

Our washing machine is on its last leg (literally! It jumps about a foot on each spin cycle and can be heard from the street! The machine is balanced but the innards aren’t). So after 12 yrs with the same machine, and over 14 months of living dryer-free, we bought a new washer and dryer this week.
I don’t plan on drying everything, all the time, but I must confess, I won’t miss hanging everyone’s socks! Stay tuned for what this means for my life as a dryerless dame!

Wordless Wednesday: Green Gitch Gear

Wordless Wednesday: bloggers take a break from words and post our favourite pictures!

Wordless Wednesday: bloggers take a break from words and post our favourite pictures!

We’re getting close to the 11 month mark with no dryer and today is socks and underwear day. I use these Ikea spider hangers on the gazebo frame and any overflow goes onto the Lee Valley rack on the railing.

What? You thought I’d be showing pictures of my green undies?  It’s the gear that’s green, silly!


Humidity releases wrinkles, right?


There is no wind today, and we are sitting at 79% humidity. I usually wait for windy days to hang out our whites, or put the drying racks over heat vents indoors in the winter to release the wrinkles. The weather isn’t supposed to be laundry-friendly until Friday though, and I’m determined to have a labourless Labour Day weekend!

Do I plug in a fan? Or would the iron use less hydro? Life without a dryer doesn’t mean we have to live with wrinkles …. we simply use a bit more liquid fabric softener and some creativity.

I’m hoping the humidity will help; stay tuned!