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I’m Taking the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge – Join Me!

#CentsAbility Twitter Chat with @ChristaClips Oct 8 9pmETI’m getting ready to measure my frugality in the #CentsAbility 30-day challenge and invite you to join me in being even more money-minded for the month of October! It’s the perfect time to embark on a budget blitz and take back our paychecks (whether we’re working full-time, part-time, or not at all!) by trimming all of those little splurges that add up to mucho-moolah over the span of a year! Check out how much a daily coffee adds up to over a year in the Cents & Sensibility video:

What is the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge and how do I join?

The #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge is a social media photo-a-day challenge, open to anyone who is ready to take stock of their daily money habits and share their budget triumphs + temptations! Snap a picture-a-day on Instagram for the month of October with the hashtag #CentsAbility to demonstrate how you:

  • resist unnecessary splurges
  • cut-back on overspending
  • find lower priced alternatives to must-have purchases
  • stick to your budget

Why I’m Taking the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge

I religiously measured my savings and earnings for my first few years after leaving the traditional workforce but haven’t taken a close look at the dollar value of my frugality lately. The lure of going back to “work in the city” is becoming more & more tempting now that both kids are in school full-time and it’s time for me to re-assess whether or not my Save-at-Home-Mom lifestyle is still the wisest budget choice for our family.

What gets measured gets managed.

I firmly believe in the adage “what gets measured gets managed” and I’m ready to measure my savings, manage my spending, and get inspired by other savvy peeps with #CentsAbility!

Please follow my #CentsAbility journey here:

Join the #CentsAbility Twitter Chat on Wednesday Oct 8 @ 9pm ET

All challenge participants are invited to join the #CentsAbilityTwitter Chat sponsored by Manulife on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 from 9-10pm ET. It’ll be a fun chance to connect with other money-minded folk, share our our savings tally-to-date, and laugh together at the splurges we just haven’t been able to give up yet!  Pumpkin latte season is just about here – help!