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Walk Softly and Carry a Small Binder!

I carry a very small (yet MiGHtY!) coupon binder.  It’s the from the Martha Stewart line exclusive to Staples and they’re on sale for 40% OFF right now.  I’m considering getting a 2nd one to use just for coupons that I’m trading away and for my membership cards that I don’t really need to carry with me all the time.

Here’s what I love about this binder system:

  • It’s black (somewhat discreet and still looks new after 6 months of constant use)
  • Two pockets on the inside covers (I transfer coupons from their sleeves to the front pocket as I’m shopping so that I can slip them to the cashier at check-out with no fuss)
  • The sleeves hold WebSaver,, & P&G mail coupons with no folding; Go.Coupons and SmartSource fold nicely into thirds
  • The sleeve pockets have a flap so nothing EVER falls out
  • The rings have never once given me problems
  • Larger sleeves hold thicker cardboard coupons that won’t fold (cut out from cereal boxes, etc.)
  • The silicone ziploc sleeve holds my stamps and envies for fast trading & mail-in-rebates
  • It rests nicely on top of shopping carts for quick flipping
  • It fits in every purse I own (ok, not my fav clutch for weddings, but who needs coupons at weddings?!)

So if you’re a closet couponer like me and don’t want to draw attention to your coupons while shopping, this might be the one (or two) for you!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ September 23, 2012