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Trim Time & Money from Thanksgiving Prep! #CDNmoney Twitter Chat Sept 23, 2014

#CDNmoney chat Tues Sept 23rd Trim Time & Money on Thanksgiving Prep with Christa Clips and Common Cents MomWhen we think of Thanksgiving trimmings, no doubt stuffing, cranberries, and pumpkin pie spring to mind.  Tonight on #CDNmoney chat we’ll be talking about how to trim time and money from your Thanksgiving prep! Join co-host Hollie Pollard and I with the savvy tweeps of #CDNmoney who gather under the hashtag each Tuesday night from 7-8pm on Twitter.

Join us to get a jumpstart on ways to plan ahead and stay on budget this Thanksgiving!

I’m Taking the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge – Join Me!

#CentsAbility Twitter Chat with @ChristaClips Oct 8 9pmETI’m getting ready to measure my frugality in the #CentsAbility 30-day challenge and invite you to join me in being even more money-minded for the month of October! It’s the perfect time to embark on a budget blitz and take back our paychecks (whether we’re working full-time, part-time, or not at all!) by trimming all of those little splurges that add up to mucho-moolah over the span of a year! Check out how much a daily coffee adds up to over a year in the Cents & Sensibility video:

What is the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge and how do I join?

The #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge is a social media photo-a-day challenge, open to anyone who is ready to take stock of their daily money habits and share their budget triumphs + temptations! Snap a picture-a-day on Instagram for the month of October with the hashtag #CentsAbility to demonstrate how you:

  • resist unnecessary splurges
  • cut-back on overspending
  • find lower priced alternatives to must-have purchases
  • stick to your budget

Why I’m Taking the #CentsAbility 30-day Challenge

I religiously measured my savings and earnings for my first few years after leaving the traditional workforce but haven’t taken a close look at the dollar value of my frugality lately. The lure of going back to “work in the city” is becoming more & more tempting now that both kids are in school full-time and it’s time for me to re-assess whether or not my Save-at-Home-Mom lifestyle is still the wisest budget choice for our family.

What gets measured gets managed.

I firmly believe in the adage “what gets measured gets managed” and I’m ready to measure my savings, manage my spending, and get inspired by other savvy peeps with #CentsAbility!

Please follow my #CentsAbility journey here:

Join the #CentsAbility Twitter Chat on Wednesday Oct 8 @ 9pm ET

All challenge participants are invited to join the #CentsAbilityTwitter Chat sponsored by Manulife on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 from 9-10pm ET. It’ll be a fun chance to connect with other money-minded folk, share our our savings tally-to-date, and laugh together at the splurges we just haven’t been able to give up yet!  Pumpkin latte season is just about here – help!

Flipp Makes Price-Matching Faster

Download Flipp and enter the $50 Visa Card Giveaway on

Download Flipp and enter the $50 Visa Card Giveaway on

With more and more stores across Canada offering to match the price of competitors’ sale prices, the opportunity to save on groceries and other purchases has affected the way many of us shop. On the plus side, we’re saving money, sometimes on an extreme scale, and on the down side, the experience at the check-out counter can be a source of frustration for those waiting behind the savvy shopper who is stumbling through flyers to save on their purchase.

We’ll now there’s a FLIPP side – increased savings and decreased time at the checkout counter. If you haven’t discovered Flipp yet, you’re in for a treat!

Flipp saves time and money – it’s FREE, it’s easy, it has rocked the price-matching world!

Flipp is an iOs and Android compatible app that lets you view store flyers, search for the lowest advertised price for an item, and clip all of your best sales onto a shopping list. Instead of lugging paper flyers along to show the best price for an item at the cashier, simply flash your mobile device or smart phone at the cashier and say “I’d like to price-match this item to this flyer”. It’s a price-match revolution!

I price-match my entire grocery list each week. Here’s some of the fresh produce I’ve clipped and added to my Flipp shopping list this week:

By price-matching the lowest price on fresh produce using the Flipp app, Christa Clips saves $10-$20 on groceries each week. That adds up to over $1000 a year!

By price-matching the lowest price on fresh produce using the Flipp app, Christa Clips saves $10-$20 on groceries each week. That adds up to over $1000 a year!

  • Grapes – best price $1.49/lb
  • Apples – best price $2.49 for a 3lb bag
  • Watermelon – best price $2.47 each
  • Cucumbers – best price $.50 each
  • Cauliflower – best price $1.77 each
  • Broccoli – best price $1 each
  • Asparagus – best price $2.97/lb
  • Green Peppers – best price $.79/lb
  • Carrots – best price $2.50 for a 10lb bag
  • Romaine Lettuce- best price $.69 each

By price-matching with Flipp, our family saves $10-$20 on our fresh produce ALONE each week which adds up to over $1,000 in savings per year. A thousand dollars!  So imagine the savings to be found on higher priced personal items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, diapers, and razors – they’re always on sale, somewhere!  And when it comes to shopping around for major purchase like appliances, electronics, and furniture – remember that if an item is listed in a flyer, Flipp will help you find out where it’s on sale for the best price this week.

No more settling for “that seems like a good deal.”  Flipp has changed the price-matching game so that we are confident that we’re paying the lowest possible price each week!

My favourite part of using Flipp is that I can price-match these best prices at my local Walmart and enjoy all of these savings in a one-stop-shop. I place my groceries on the belt in the same order that they appear in my clippings list on Flipp, and then I scroll through and flash my phone at the cashier for each price adjustment. It’s SO fast! I dare say that most customers behind me are oblivious to the fact that I’m price-matching at all!

Saving on weekly groceries continues to play a role in my Save-at-Home-Mom strategy, and I’m so pleased to have found an app to help me save time as well as money! Join me by trying Flipp …

Happy Saving!