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BBQing on a Budget! #CDNmoney Twitter Chat May 20th 7-8pmET

#CDNmoney is a weekly twitter chat co-hosted by Christa Clips: Save-at-Home-Mom and Common Cents Mom Hollie Pollard. Join us 7-8pmET for money minded tips & tricks!

#CDNmoney is a weekly twitter chat co-hosted by Christa Clips: Save-at-Home-Mom and Common Cents Mom Hollie Pollard. Join us 7-8pmET for money minded tips & tricks!

Join @CommonCentsMom and I as we co-host this week’s #CDNmoney twitter chat with tips & tricks on how to BBQ on a Budget!
Hollie has shared some of her favourite BBQ tips in her blog post on Common Cents Mom, and I’m all about “harnessing the heat” as seen in this Instagram post last spring:

This meal used 5 minutes of propane with one burner on medium heat. Christa Clips shares easy steps on how to "harness the heat" and BBQ for less!

This meal used 5 minutes of propane with one burner on medium heat. Christa Clips shares easy steps on how to “harness the heat” and BBQ for less!

May 2013: I know me. And “me” isn’t likely going to cook tomorrow night. In addition to our family meal, I cooked a second meal on the BBQ tonight, almost entirely after turning off the burners.

  • Broccoli with butter and spices wrapped in foil took about half an hour, turning once.
  • Chicken breasts directly on the grill about 7 min/side while the BBQ was still at 500 from the first round of cooking.
  • Sliced sweet potato and onion basted with Soya sauce on each of 3 flips needed an extra little punch of flame to crisp up since I’d lifted the lid so many times.
  • Total propane sent on this meal: 5 minutes medium on one burner.


Save on your Summer Outings with Coupons!

The not-so 'spensive stuff is what they'll remember about their summer by Christa Clips Save-at-Home-MomLooking back at the best summers of my life, it’s the not-so-‘spensive stuff like sprinklers, kites, campfires, and sandcastles that stand out in my mind. And while many of us are trying to cling to the notion of frugal fun by keeping our summer plans simple and affordable, there are some pretty fantastic attractions that we’d hate to miss out on.

Here is a (continually growing) list of coupons and discounts for admission to Canadian tourist attractions and family activities. Check back often to see which coupons and savings tips have been added, and please drop a line in the comments below with other suggestions to add to the list!

Why pay full price for your summer outings when there are discounts to be had?! Don’t forget to be a tourist in your own community and check online before heading out to a museum, festival, park, or restaurant – there are often coupons to print or flash on your mobile device!

Ontario Coupons:

Quebec Coupons:

  • Passeport Vacances Coupons – printable coupons for major attractions throughout the Province of Quebec including LaRonde coupons, Parc Omega coupons, Parc Safari coupons, IMAX coupons, coupons for white water rafting, etc.

British Columbia Coupons:

  • Hello BC Tourism Coupons – printable coupons & online deals for attractions throughout the Province of British Columbia
  • Coupons BC – a collection of printable coupons for restaurants, activities and attractions in BC

Daily Deal Sites

Entertainment Book

The Entertainment Coupon Savings Book has several Canadian editions for major cities with 100s of perforated coupons and discounts on the mobile app for tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, and services. The new editions are released in August of each year and Entertainment Book coupons expire in November – get one per city that you’re visiting and leave it with your host or hotel staff when you leave if you’re not coming back!


Check your CCA or other automotive club membership package to see which discounts you are entitled to as a member.

Free Admission

Many museums and festivals have FREE admission during certain times. Take a few minutes to check the official website and/or facebook page of your destination before heading out to find out when the FREE admission times are.

Swap out your old gear and update your backyard with new-to-you toys and summer accessories – you’ll be surprised at what your neighbours have to sell on your city’s UsedEverywhere site. Think “sprinklers”!!

So whether you’re keeping your summer plans simple or you’re preparing for the staycation of a lifetime, be savvy about your summer plans and set aside a few minutes to plan ahead and save some money along the way with coupons and discounts on Canadian summer attractions. Wishing y’all a safe & happy summer!





Savvy Summer Planning! #CDNmoney Twitter Chat May 13th 7-8pmET

Prize Bombed #CDNmoney Twitter Chat Savvy Summer Planning with Christa Clips Save-at-Home-Mom

Flash Prizing!

Cool!!!!  We’ve just been Prize-bombed by @UsedEverywhere! 3 lucky participants of tonight’s chat will receive a FREE Top Ad Upgrades to the site of their choice. Thanks @UsedEverywhere! There’s so much summer fun to be had with new & used items for sale and cool event listings on your site!

Being organized and planning ahead is a well known foundation to being a savvy spender. Whether your summer plans are lavish or simple, it’s well worth a little effort to plan ahead to make the most of our summer vacation. For this week’s #CDNmoney twitter chat, we will be chatting about Savvy Summer Planning!

  • Tuesday, May 13, 2014
  • 7-8pmET
  • hashtag #CDNmoney
  • host @ChristaClips

Join us for an hour of ideas about how to plan ahead for a fantastic summer that won’t break the bank!  #CDNmoney chat participants are well known for sharing practical tips & tricks that you can use right away to help save money – please do join us! Co-host @CommonCentsMom Hollie Pollard will be joining us again next week.

#CDNmoney is a weekly Twitter Chat hosted by @CommonCentsMom Hollie Pollard and Save-at-Home-Mom @ChristaClips. Join us for an hour of money minded tips & tricks to help you embrace a more frugal lifestyle! Hollie and I both recommend signing into the #CDNmoney Tweet Chat room to participate and follow along during the Twitter Chat – it’s any easy way to keep up with the pace!