My Thanksgiving Laundry Fail

Fall can be a challenging season for air drying laundry.

Fall can be a challenging season for air drying laundry.

This fall has been a dream for this dryerless dame – lots of sun and just the right amount of wind to keep the “smells” of autumn at bay (think farming community!).  Thanksgiving Sunday was no exception and even though we were hosting family for dinner, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to hang out a couple of loads first thing in the morning.

Everything, including jeans, was dry by 4 and I opted to tuck the dryer racks under the gazebo instead of hauling them to the basement to fold later. It’s not that it would have taken more than a couple of minutes to move the 3 racks, it was more a question of “where will I be most motivated to fold the clean clothes tomorrow?“. I choose the sunny backyard view over the basement, any day!

Last night it rained.  No, it poured.  And the outer perimeter of clothes got drenched.

Thankfully it’s sunny today and I’m confident that the laundry will air dry again with no damage done. If it had been a wet day today, though, a trip to the laundromat to use the dryers would have been in order. So far, in the past year, we’ve only had to do that once.  Everyone has their “eek, I’m flying to Cuba tomorrow” underwear emergencies every now and then, right?!

Fall can be a challenging season to dry indoors: we don’t have the furnace on yet nor do we get full sun through the patio doors until the last of the leaves have fallen.  So even if I’d put the clothes back in the washing machine for one more spin cycle to get out the excess rain water, I don’t know that the jeans and heavier knits would have dried indoors on their own.  Let me rephrase. I’m not sure that the jeans and heavier knits would have dried before starting to smell like wet dog. I’ve heard that happens (;

Our 10 month total spent on drying clothes is holding steady at $3.

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Christa is a Save-at-Home-Mom who writes about money saving tips with hopes of inspiring other families who might want to keep one parent at home but aren't sure they can swing it financially. Christa left her career as a teacher trainer when it started costing her $47,000/yr to work outside the home and now works from home as a social media consultant and freelance writer. She shares her full story and money saving tips here on her blog and as co-host of the weekly #cdnmoney twitter chat on Tuesdays from 7-8pm ET. Wife, and mother of 2, Christa lives in Rockland, Ontario and loves skating & nordic skiing on the Ottawa River.

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  1. I miss my clothesline SO MUCH. Although if you can stick drying racks in your back yard, maybe I should do it too. I do have two in my laundry room so I only dry heavy stuff – what do you do with sheets?

    Thanks so much for the comment. I worry that you’ll be disappointed if we meet in person though – I’m so much better in print. 🙂

    • I hang bedsheets over interior doors – it works like a charm, even when the furnace is off! Twin fitted sheets actually snap right on to the corners and give a charming effect (;

      I’ve sooo enjoyed connecting online on various channels this week, Allison!

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