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Diary of a Dryerless Dame: Day 1

Diary of a Dryerless DameToday was Day 1 of my  5 Day Dryer free Challenge to see if I can win back my weekends by getting all of our family’s laundry finished and put away by Friday night without running the washing machine during on-peak hydro hours and without using a dryer at all.   I’ve divided up the laundry into the following daily plan:

  • Day 1 – 2 loads of clothing, master bedroom linens
  • Day 2 – 1 load of towels/table linens, 2 children’s bedroom linens
  • Day 3 – winter gear (snowsuits, hats, mittens, scarves)
  • Day 4 – 1 load of whites, ironing
  • Day 5 – floor mats and cleaning rags, 1 mixed load of clothing if needed for weekend
  • Saturday & Sunday – NO LAUNDRY!

Success:  I had load #1 in to soak shortly after 9 and turned the machine on once hydro rates went down at 11.   2 loads of clothing and the master bedroom linens were all hanging outside by early afternoon and the sheets dried within half an hour thanks to a fairly strong breeze and warm sun.   Only a few articles of clothing were still damp at the end of the day when I brought the dryer racks in and they’re now currently drying over a heat vent and will be ready to be folded first thing in the morning.  I’m giving myself only “partial success” for that – my original plan was to have NO dryer racks in our main living space but I’m feeling too lazy tonight to lug it down to the basement so am cutting a corner.

winter gearWhere I stray from success towards failure is the fact that because it was so sunny and warm this afternoon, I got ahead of myself and decided to wash the winter gear that was on Wednesday’s plan.  Getting them washed and hung was easy, and some of the mittens and hats were indeed dry when I brought them in before supper.  But the coats and snowpants are still fairly damp and are hanging on the curtain rod in the dining room.  Fail.  Living without a dryer is great for the budget but I don’t want to feel like we’re living at the Dry Cleaners.  I should have left well enough alone and stuck to the weekly plan.  At least these Dollarama over the door hangers make it easy to bring everything in, and I love my little “tie rack” for hanging multiple pairs of mini-mitts.

Tomorrow:  towels and table clothes and both children’s bed linens.  If it’s a dry day, I’m going to air out their pillows and duvets at the same time.  Stick to the plan, Christa – and get it all away by bedtime!

Stay tuned!

No Laundry Weekend: 5 Day Laundry Challenge without a Dryer!




ImageOur dryer has died.  We’ve managed for about a month now without it and I’m considering NOT replacing it at all.  So far so good, but I have been spending more time on weekends doing laundry than I’d prefer.

But with spring weather finally here, I’m determined to keep up with my eco-friendly laundry habits and try to squeeze it all into the work (at home) week.  On top of our regular clothing, bedding, towels/tableclothes, and floor mats, I also need to give our snow gear a final wash this week before getting it ready to pack away for consignment/donations in the fall.

Getting the loads during off-peak or mid-peak hours should be easy, and with a couple of days of sunshine in the forecast, I might even get away with a few days with no dryer racks in the house (yay!).  Washing and air-drying is the aasy part for me.  I quite enjoy my time on the back deck.  It’s the folding and putting away that’s the hard part for me.

Will she be able to do it without a dryer? Laundry Towels

Can she get everything folded and away by Friday night?!

Diary of a Dryerless Dame:

Monday Morning:

9 am:  I filled the washing machine with cold water, detergent and fabric softener in the downy ball (luv that thing!) and put in first load to soak.  I started with jeans and heavy knits which take longer to dry.  Hydro costs drop from On-Peak to Mid-Peak rates at 11 so I’ll leave them to soak until then.  Not only will I save on hydro by waiting, I can use a shorter wash cycle since soaking will have loosened the dirt and the clothes will be fully saturated in soap.  Set oven timer to remind me to start the machine at 11.

11:01 am:  popped down the lid to start the shortest wash cycle.

11:30ish: take out first load and start water/soap for load #2.  Shake and hang load #1 as quickly as possible to avoid wrinkles.  I’ll be airdyring on the back deck today using our portable clothes racks today since they’re calling for rain and I might need to bring them all in quickly!  After finished hanging load #1, add clothes to machine for load #2 (I like to give the soap enough time to dissolve fully and avoid blotches on clothes: yoga pants in particular show detergent sheen easily).  Load #2 is clothing that take a little less time to dry (sportwear, light knits, dress shirts) and I’ll use a little longer cycle since they haven’t soaked.

12:15ish hang load #2.  Rotate dryer rack with load #1 to maximize sunshine and avoid fading on jeans!

12:30ish put load #3 (bedsheets) in machine with soap/fabric softener to soak.  Set oven timer to remind myself to star the machine at 2.

2:00ish start machine, rotate dryer racks outside.  Bring in anything that’s dry (the dress shirts and quick-dry clothes will likely be ready.  Taking off dry items will increase airflow and allow the sun to hit the clothes that are still damp.

2:30ish hang load #3 outside.  Our bedsheets fit perfectly over the deck railing and only need a little wind and some sun to dry within an hour.  Luv it!

3:30ish start folding and loading drawers

Stay tuned for my progress report!