Diary of a Dryerless Dame: Day 2 … rain

Day 2 RainRain. Drats. Nonetheless, I’m proceeding with my 5 Day Dryer Free Challenge and today’s goal is to get 1 full load of towels washed and hung to air dry as well as 1 load with both of the kids bedsheets. The sheets will dry over their bedroom doors in just a few hours (I’ve been doing that all winter) and I’ll have their beds made up by the time they get off the school bus at 4. Dry sheets over a door

I’m not confident that the towels will dry in less than 12 hours, though, and I’ll likely end up with the dryer rack in the basement overnight.  (I failed on that task yesterday … read about it in Day 1: Diary of a Dryerless Dame!)  This morning I got the towels into the washing machine right at 9 to soak and will start the cycle (shortest possible) as soon as the hydro rates drop at 11am:  pre-soaking for a couple of hours really does make it possible to use those ultra short cycles on your machine.

I’ve got my full arsenal of dryer racks and clips ready to go over the heat vent infront of the patio doors. It doesn’t look like I’ll have any sun-power to help today, and normally I’d just postpone to another day, but I’m determined to get everything done and put away by the end of the work (from home) week on Friday evening and free up my weekend.

Oh, the suspense of it all! Get it? suspend …. yuk yuk 😛

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