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Wedding Registry meets Hallowe’en Clearance!

When we registered at The Bay for our wedding 9 years ago we both loved the Denby Storm pattern right away and I have secretly wanted to accessorize them with purple for every day since!  We use them as our every day dishes, dressing them up with gold or silver chargers on special occassions; we didnt’ want to spend money on a colour that we might tire of eventually.

To my delight, I found these great purple chargers on for $.69 each today in the Hallowe’en clearance section at Michaels and scooped up 8!  The clearance section had a lot of generic items that could be used throughout the year – basically all black, orange and purple ribbons, craft supplies, glitter, etc. was marked down 80%. 

I also bought new foamie stickers and craft kits for next October and mixed them in with the odd’n’ends left over from this year so they’ll look “new” next fall!  These old margarine containers from Price Club (yes, that dates them a bit!) are perfect for storing crafts and the kids don’t have to dump the whole thing to access the ones at the bottom.  And if every child has their own cup to put the sticker backings into, it’s as close to a no-mess craft as you can hope to get!

The reason I went into Michaels in the first place was to buy a birthday gift for our son’s classmate’s party tomorrow.  There was a 50% OFF any 1 regular priced item coupon that expired today and I found some great Melissa & Doug wooden beads that I hope she’ll like.  The Michaels app is one of my favourites and I rarely print or clip their coupons any more, but simply flash the app at the cash.

I usually try to visit Michaels after each major holiday to see what’s in the clearance section – I’ve bought numerous candles, crafts and decorations in recent years.  I thought that I’d missed out on the Hallowe’en clear-out this year;  2 weeks is usually pushing the limit.   Finishing my wedding registry wish list was an unexpected surprise!

*it’s funny to think back at how “techie” we felt using the scanner/zapper gun to choose our registry items at the store 9 years ago.  Now calling up a mobile app is common place. 

Times have changed. 

My love of purple hasn’t!