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Walk Softly and Carry a Small Binder!

I carry a very small (yet MiGHtY!) coupon binder.  It’s the from the Martha Stewart line exclusive to Staples and they’re on sale for 40% OFF right now.  I’m considering getting a 2nd one to use just for coupons that I’m trading away and for my membership cards that I don’t really need to carry with me all the time.

Here’s what I love about this binder system:

  • It’s black (somewhat discreet and still looks new after 6 months of constant use)
  • Two pockets on the inside covers (I transfer coupons from their sleeves to the front pocket as I’m shopping so that I can slip them to the cashier at check-out with no fuss)
  • The sleeves hold WebSaver,, & P&G mail coupons with no folding; Go.Coupons and SmartSource fold nicely into thirds
  • The sleeve pockets have a flap so nothing EVER falls out
  • The rings have never once given me problems
  • Larger sleeves hold thicker cardboard coupons that won’t fold (cut out from cereal boxes, etc.)
  • The silicone ziploc sleeve holds my stamps and envies for fast trading & mail-in-rebates
  • It rests nicely on top of shopping carts for quick flipping
  • It fits in every purse I own (ok, not my fav clutch for weddings, but who needs coupons at weddings?!)

So if you’re a closet couponer like me and don’t want to draw attention to your coupons while shopping, this might be the one (or two) for you!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ September 23, 2012

Stickin’ It To The Man!


The hydro man, that is. (Well, not our actual meter reader, he’s quite lovely). More like Stickin’ it To The Meter.

I love our Lee Valley retractable dryer racks: they hold an entire washer load each and can easily be lifted up and off with everything still clipped on if I need to move them inside before they’re dry (extra brackets are sold separately and aren’t an entire eye sore on the basement wall). So especially on bright and windy autumn days like today, I save not only money by keeping the dryer off, but I save tonnes of time as well: it takes half as long to blow dry.

Folding and putting away, sadly, remains the same!

First Post – Christa Clips!

When I first started tweeting, I often felt like I was yodeling off a mountain side with hopes that 1 of my 4 followers might hear me!  Starting a blog site feels even more daunting;  kind of like reciting a (painstakingly memorized) Shakespearean soliloquy to an empty theatre.

Why the effort?  Because I know I have stuff to say that’s worth sayin’ and worth the effort of sayin’ it myself, in my style.  I’ve been blogging at for several months now and will continue this blog as a parallel adventure.

So stay tuned for my articles to start rolling out … they’ll be about savvy shopping, clever couponing, and  – get this – cooking & housekeeping tips from someone who a) can’t cook and b) is a total clutterbug!

Welcome aboard … I can’t wait to see where ChristaClips takes us, together!


September 22, 2012