Wordless Wednesday: Green Gitch Gear

Wordless Wednesday: bloggers take a break from words and post our favourite pictures!

Wordless Wednesday: bloggers take a break from words and post our favourite pictures!

We’re getting close to the 11 month mark with no dryer and today is socks and underwear day. I use these Ikea spider hangers on the gazebo frame and any overflow goes onto the Lee Valley rack on the railing.

What? You thought I’d be showing pictures of my green undies?  It’s the gear that’s green, silly!


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Christa Clips writes about money saving tips with hopes of inspiring other families who might want to keep one parent at home but aren't sure they can swing it financially. She left her career as a teacher trainer when it started costing her $47,000/yr to work outside the home and now works from home as a freelance writer. She shares her full story and money saving tips on her own blog Christa Clips: Save-at-Home-Mom and in weekly posts on Common Cents Mom. Christa is the co-host of the weekly #cdnmoney twitter chat on Tuesdays from 7-8pm ET and is also the resident blogger and facebook community manager for CanadianCoupons. Wife, and mother of 2, Christa lives in Rockland, Ontario and loves skating & nordic skiing on the Ottawa River.

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    All other things being equal, most people would probably prefer buying the car that gets 30 mpg over the one that gets 15mpg.

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